• A new day is dawning.

    MyGeoTrust is new. We are excited, and we hope you are, too.

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  • Control your privacy.

    We believe you should be in control of your personal data.

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  • Move about.

    MyGeoTrust gives you location with privacy.

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  • We won’t let you down.

    Our mission is to protect your personal data at all costs.

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  • Spread your wings.

    Because you should be care-free in your favorite spots.

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  • Dream Big.

    We're going places. We'd like you to join us.

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  • The future is bright.

    Together we can change location technology forever.

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Be a part of the revolution

MyGeoTrust aims to revolutionize the market of crowdsourced mobile data by demonstrating that the contributors to this data, that is, you and your friends and family, can and should remain in control of their personal data. We plan to show that there is an alternative to the closed model of large tech companies. We will open up the ecosystem of crowdsourced mobile data, while preserving personal privacy and user trust. Will you join us in this revolution? If so, keep reading below.

MyGeoTrust News

Check out latest news about MyGeoTrust below...

Does privacy matter?

Text by José Vallet When I discuss about privacy issues with other people, I find out that many of them don’t understand why it does matter so much to me and why I am so careful with it in many fronts. For example, they do not understand why I make my life “so difficult” by

Aug 14, 2017 Admin

Are you following your neighbourhood?

Twitter makes it easy for us to follow other people and organizations. You just press follow and you will stay up to date on what’s going on. But what if you would like to follow what’s happening in your neighbourhood or some other small area you are interested? How would you do that? There are

May 15, 2017 Admin

You are where we are

What information does our geographical position convey about us? What information about myself and others I am giving (voluntarily or not) to those that have access to my location history? This is a question that I often ask myself when I try to understand and argue why it is so important for companies like Google

May 05, 2017 Admin

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