The vision of MyGeoTrust is to create an alternative mobile platform for location-based services that ensures excellent privacy protections for its users. We call this “privacy by design”. We also aim to build up a strong relationship of trust with our user community. Our primary method of trust building is being transparent about what we are doing. We call this “trust through transparency”. Putting these concepts together, we believe we can bring about a transformation in the ecosystem of crowdsourced mobile data. Our vision can be further elaborated through seven themes, which will be described below.


A New Day is Dawning

People are increasingly expressing their concern that mobile technologies, as wonderful as they are, are not paying enough attention to user privacy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in mobile location technology. Users are pushing back against the mobile giants, but the fact remains that there are not very many good alternative technologies on the market. But this is going to change, and MyGeoTrust is going to usher in a new era of mobile location technology. This is Mobile 2.0. This is MyGeoTrust.





At the heart of MyGeoTrust are innovative privacy controls. We will put control over privacy back into the hands of mobile users. It should never be “all or none”. People should have a fine level of control over their privacy, in order to ensure that the technology meets their personal privacy expectations. Some people don’t mind sharing their location. Others do. Each user should be able to decide exactly who sees what data.





Just because a person is concerned about his or her privacy doesn’t mean he or she should stay locked up at home with the blinds closed and the mobile phone switched off. And it shouldn’t mean that person can’t utilize mobile location technology either. People should be able to move about freely and enjoy all the benefits of location technologies without the privacy loss that we almost take for granted currently. With MyGeoTrust, you don’t have to get lost, nor your privacy either.





Sharing data is not a bad thing. To the contrary, we can create beautiful things and innovative services when the crowd shares its data. But an enormous amount of trust must be placed in the entity that is collecting the data from the crowd. Do you want to put your trust in a for-profit company when it comes to mobile location data? We believe that we are worthy of your trust because we are going to be completely open about what we are doing, and we’re going to give you the option at any time to tune your sharing level, to turn sharing completely off, or even to remove historical data completely from our systems. In short, we are steadfastly committed to your absolute privacy.





We believe giving people the opportunity to spread their wings freely and not worry that someone is watching their every move. Maybe you have a secret hideaway that you want to keep all to yourself. Maybe you know the best spot in the forest for picking mushrooms. Maybe you want to share a special experience with someone special and not have it recorded on someone else’s server. With MyGeoTrust you can spread your wings to fly without an obtrusive technology shackled to your feet.





We have big plans. We want to change the world. But every big change starts from small beginnings. We will demonstrate a new way of crowdsourcing by offering three innovative apps that follow the MyGeoTrust model. We call these our keystone apps. Later on we will open up the MyGeoTrust location technologies to third-party developers to make their own apps. We are building a community of dreamers, and we hope you will join us. To find out more, get in touch.




If you survey the landscape of current mobile technologies, it is easy to fall into despair and think that privacy is lost for good. Our vision and message, however, is one of hope. With MyGeoTrust, we can turn the course and bring privacy back to the people. So we believe the future is bright. But we need your help.

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