MyGeoTrust in a Nutshell


MyGeoTrust in a Nutshell

The MyGeoTrust project aims to revolutionize crowdsourcing of mobile data. What do we mean by crowdsourcing of mobile data? Currently, companies such as Google and Apple are collecting data from millions of mobile phone and tablet users, including location data. Many people are not aware that such data is being collected from their devices, even if it was mentioned in the fine print. Most companies are not very transparent about what kind of data they are collecting and what happens to it after it leaves your device. We aim to change this situation by showing that there is a more responsible way to crowdsource mobile data.

Who are we?

We are a small consortium of academic researchers from Finland. The consortium is led by the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, and the other member of the consortium is the University of Helsinki. More info about us is available on the Partners page. We are a small team aiming to do big things. Can we really do it? Some say we can’t, but one should never underestimate the potential of Finns to change the world! (see Linus Torvalds)

How will we do it?

Essentially, we will create an alternative location platform for mobile users. We are saying to users that you can an should still take advantage of location technologies, but you can also keep your privacy intact. We are calling this “privacy by design”. In other words, privacy is built into our location technologies from the very foundation. Also, we are going to be completely transparent about what we are doing. We call this “trust through transparency.” Further details can be found from the Vision page.

Meet Our Team

This section is under construction. The entire MyGeoTrust team has been busy doing development work, but we promise to get photographed soon!

Robert Guinness

Project Manager
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