We currently are offering three different mobile applications for Android devices. All MyGeoTrust applications are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Below is a description of each app, as well as links to the apps on Google Play.

MyGeoTrust App


The MyGeoTrust App is central to the MyGeoTrust platform and installation is required in order to use any of the other apps built on the MyGeoTrust platform. It contains all the currently available features of the MyGeoTrust service, including the MyGeoTrust Privacy Profiles. Here you can customize the privacy settings available in the MyGeoTrust platform, which govern access to sensitive device resources, such as location data and WiFi scan data. You can also control what data are collected by the MyGeoTrust Platform, who will have access to the collected data, and in what form.

Get started by downloading this app:










HelloMyGeoTrust is a basic demonstrator of the MyGeoTrust service. The app allows you to track your own location history, as well as the location history of other MyGeoTrust users who have chosen to share that data publicly. You can also see your location and WiFi scan data in real-time, as well as real-time location data from other “public” MyGeoTrust users. Learn more about the capabilities of MyGeoTrust by downloading this app:









#hylo is a hyperlocal map service that helps you and others around you to build a geo-social community. Built on top of the MyGeoTrust platform, you can control what data is being shared and with whom. Want to share the latest tips about Pokémon Go or find fun and interesting local places but avoid being bombarded by creepy advertisements? #hylo is the app for you! For Finnish speakers, more info is available on the #hylo website. If you’re ready to get started, just visit the app on Google Play:




Please feel free to leave feedback about the apps on the Google Play store or via the contact page!

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